This project came to life because of a basic need to have an easy (non-fumbling) way to change camera scenes in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software.) I did not want to have to look down to my keyboard and fumble around. I wanted a utility type keyboard that would allow quick and easy changes. Part 1 of this project is the initial brainstorming on what we wanted it to do: Once we knew where it was going (at least at first) we decided it was time to order some parts. Sometimes you can look at things on the internet a million times, but until it isRead More →

If you have a 3D Printer and you are still moving your gcode to it by SD Card, then this video is for you. I have to admit that I initially setup Octoprint (Octopi) just because I thought it sounded really cool to connect a Raspberry Pi to my 3D Printer. This video will walk you through the process of installing it and getting the basic setup done. You are going to need a couple of programs to start: Octopi: Win32 Disk Imager: Putty: One of the following 2. (AngryIP for the computer, or Fing for a mobile device.) Angry IP Scanner:Read More →

Xander had never soldered before. We (well, I) decided it was time for him to learn. We used a kit. Overall, I think it went well. He needs more practice. (And more desire to learn. LOL!) Soldering is not a magical process (though it is pretty cool) and you should not be intimidated by it. With enough practice, you will find you can solder with ease. And like most skills, it will come in very handy, mainly at times you would have never thought about. Some tips to note about safety: Never touch the element of the soldering iron….HOT! Hold wires to be heated withRead More →