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Support Us (If you want to!)

Hi! Thank you for visiting our support page.

First, I want to make it clear that Xander and I don’t do this to make money or earn free things. (Both of those are really nice, but not why we are here!) This was all started to get Xander more interested in the hands on side of making things as well as to share our knowledge with the world.

That being said, I had no idea how expensive being a content creator could be. But that is where a few of you came in. I was contacted a few of times early on and was asked if we had PayPal or Patreon etc.. So I set up a Patreon.

There are a few ways to support us (if you choose to. It will never be required!)

Patreon – Here you can make a monthly pledge to give on going support. You can cancel or change your pledge anytime.

PayPal – Want to drop us a little scratch? PayPal will allow that. I think you can set it to do a recurringĀ  donation as well, but if you want to cancel it later, YOU have to do it through PayPal. We can not control that for you.)

Amazon – Use this link for your general Amazon shopping. This costs you nothing above and beyond what you are buying, but we get a little kickback.

Our Amazon “Store” – Same as above. You pay the same that you would normally, we get a little. These are products we use and/or recommend.

Our Wish List – From time to time, we will add things to our wish list. If you want to support us by purchasing it, we would be very grateful! (Note, there may be some crazy expensive items in this list, however they are not there because we expect people to buy it for us, this is our list that is used to keep track of things we want to buy for the channel.)


There are other ways to support us as well!

So, you want to show support, but do not want to do so in the form of money/items. That is great as well! Again, we are not here for the money and free things! Some ways you can support us can be as easy as sharing our YouTube channel with others. If you are in a Facebook group and there is an appropriate time to link to one of our videos to help someone, that is a great opportunity to help us out.

Watch our videos to the end, give us a thumbs up, leave a comment, or all of the above. These things do help the channel to get noticed on YouTube and will bring us more subscribers and help us grow!

Send us fan mail! That’s right! By sending us fan mail you are technically sending us support. Mail Bag Monday is content and that is what we need most. Send us a letter, a random sticker, something you printed, whatever! We love fan mail and yours will be opened and shown in an episode of Mail Bag Monday! Our address is listed on the contact page.


So a HUGE thankĀ  you to all. (Even just for reading this page!) We are nothing without you and we love you all!