In this episode, we open some mail. One package came with no ideas what it is/was and it is FUN! Join us as we open packages and see what is inside! Huge Thanks to all that send/sent stuff! Joe Mike Terranella Average Joe 3D Printing (2 Joes in one episode!) Where we can be found: Facebook – Twitter – – @FunKing3d #printon Thingiverse – Web – Patreon – Maker Box – Fun King 3D PO Box 1656 Lady Lake, FL 32158Read More →

This is a quick introduction to building a YouTube Sub/Views scroller using a NodeMCU LUA WiFi ESP8266 and MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 Display. This combination will allow you to connect to a wifi network and poll your (or someone else’s) YouTube channel and show a real time subscriber count and view count. This is just a basics video and more will come with additional information. There will also be modifications to do this with more functions. Code Available Here: NodeMCU LUA WiFi ESP8266 MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 Display This is a great power supply if youRead More →

Here is the code for the YouTube Scroller. This is the basic first draft of the code. Feel free to hack it up and do stuff with it. Video is here:¬† For some reason I have yet to figure out, wordpress is giving me fits about my code, so here is the code and the two supporting files you will need: More →