Presenting The FK-1


  • 400x1200x475mm Print Capacity
  • All V-Slot Frame Construction Eliminates Smooth Rods and Linear Bearings
  • All Printed Parts in IC3D Fun King 3D Yellow PETG (Listed on their site as “Yellow”)
  • E3D V6 HotEnd 
  • Bondtech Extruder
  • Duet3D Ethernet Mainboard
  • Auto Bed Level Correction using Antclabs BLTouch (Not currently shown in the rendered images.)
  • 6mm (1/4”) Mic-6 Cast Aluminium Bed




  • 400-500 hours invested (possibly more.)
  • Outside influence was avioded to try and make it 100% my own. (Not saying there is not anything similar out there, just that I did not seek out other’s designs.)
  • Concept was designed around parts that are easy to source.
  • Printed parts were designed to print with no supports needed or supports were integrated into the stl file for ease of production.
  • All parts have the version number modeled into them for ease of identification in case of iteration.


Future Plans:

  • This project was taken on first and foremost to see if I could do it. There is still a lot to be done. There is still a lot of testing that is required to be sure this will function. At this point, our next step is to build it and see if it prints. One thing we have decided to exclude in the beginning is the heater for the bed. Once we build it and know that it is going to work, we will add the heater to allow us to print materials other than PLA. Our thought process on this is that if the printer does not function the way it is intended, that the materials can be made into something else. (Print bed can become 2 smaller beds, etc..) But the heater would be a waste of money at that point. But we do not look at this as a negative outlook on the project. We look at it from the aspect of protecting our investment.
  • Watch our YouTube channel in the coming months as we will be recording all work on this project and sharing it with the world.
  • Estimated Date of Completion: We hope to have it make it debut at the Orlando Maker Faire in November 2018.
  • At this time, the full file set, BOM, and assembly instructions will be publicly released once I know this works. This will hold true unless someone offers me a stupid amount of money for the design. LOL!



Special Thanks To:

  • Our Patreon and other supporters of Fun King 3D! Without your regular support, not only would the FK-1 have not come to be, but Fun King 3D as a whole would struggle to survive.
  • I also wish to thank a few vendors: E3D for being awesome and getting on board and sponsoring us with the hot end for this project. Mainly being it was at a point where I could not share much information about the project. Thank you for your support and faith in this project. Also a huge thank you goes out to IC3D for supplying the most amazing PETG I have used so far. The quality of your filament is going to increase the quality of my printer! Thanks to Bondtech for supplying us with what is considered to be the greatest extruder ever made! And Thank you to Duet3D, your mainboard is going to make this baby sing!
  • Personal thanks goes out James at Print ‘N Play for suggesting that I don’t move the bed. Something I had not considered was the weight of the print itself in addition to the already high weight of the heat bed. Also to Gordon at gCreate who encouraged me by looking me dead on and saying “DO IT! It is so much fun!” when I told him I was going to rip off the design of the gCreate Big. Though it turned out completely different, it was a beautiful encouragement.
  • And to my wife who has been amazing and supportive through all of this. Not once complaining that I was “gone” all the time during the design phase of this. Always supportive and saying on multiple occasions, “You have to build this!” Without her I am nothing and this would never come to be.


12 thoughts on “Introducing the FK-1 3D Printer

    1. The current budget is “Whatever it takes to get it done.” LOL! What it will cost? No idea yet. That is something I will share when I am complete. The problem is that I will likely end up buying stuff I don’t need or have to change. Plus the filament used to print parts for testing. But I will release that info at the end. Right now, I am guessing about $1200-1500.

    1. Thank you Don! I hope it does as well, but even if it does not, it has been and will continue to be an awesome learning project. 🙂

    1. That is exactly what is planned. The bed will be a 1/4″ Mic-6 aluminum tool plate bed with a 120V AC silicone heater.

  1. Hardly ever see 3d printers where the build plate doesnt move at all (except for deltas). What printer is this based on?

    1. It is my own design. I intentionally did not base it on any other printer in the hopes of discovering new ways to do things. It has been a fun (and long) process. I was told there was a similar design out there, but I have not seen it.

  2. Your booth was packed today at the Orlando Maker Faire, but I was able to see your machine through the gaps in the crowd. It’s a beautiful construction!

    How would one learn when you (if you?) decide to release construction information?

  3. so big size ,it is too hard to make it.I admire you very much. I am a 3D printer maker in china,
    Hope to communicate with each other in the future

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