So as some of you (that tune into the weekly live stream) know, I have been talking about building a new car trailer. In that pursuit, I have been doing a TON of research on trailer design as a whole. Well today, I found a great source of engineering information. Talk about falling down the rabbit hole. LOL! So I also found on this site that they offer plans for trailers as well as other shop equipment. I have plans to build a bridge crane in the garage eventually, but in the mean time, I have also been considering a gantry crane. They have plans for one that seems to fit my needs. It is big enough to do what I need/want and will still fit in the shop.

As a bonus, they are (currently) offering a trade of plans for links. Which honestly is what made me post this, but the information on their site is awesome for learning, even if you are not looking for plans.

I have already downloaded a set of their plans and they are NICELY done and very professional.

I plan to acquire the gantry crane plans and will keep you all posted on how those look.

Here is a link to their site:

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