About Us

The Story Of Fun King 3D.

  • April 2017

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Glenn had been talking about buying a 3D Printer for a while. Finally after selling some stuff he had laying around
    in the garage, it was decided that a printer would be purchased with the money.

  • May 2017

    A YouTube Channel is Born

    Glenn, wanting Xander to learn about 3D Printing, decided that a YouTube channel would hold interest in the
    project and actually cause Xander to learn. The idea of starting a YouTube Channel came from watching videos made by Nillabean (@nilla3d).
    The plan is to make videos the help encourage other parents to do projects with their kids. This world needs more “makers.”

  • May 2017

    The wait is agonizing!

    Having to wait 7+ weeks for the Prusa i3 MK2s due to backorder status caused a lot of anxiety and restlessness. But
    we began to learn things. We began to learn how to make YouTube videos. That sparked the Hot Box Project. It also caused Glenn a laps in
    judgement… So an Anet A8 was ordered even before the Prusa arrived! (Thanks alot Nillabean!)

  • June 2017

    The Wait Is Over

    The Anet A8 and the Prusa have arrived! (Prusa on June 22, 2017 @ 2:19PM) They were later assembled (see our project portfolio) and are in use.

  • July 2017

    Over 100 Subscribers on YouTube!

    In just a couple short months we were able to hit our first milestone! We hit that magical number 100 that allowed us to register our
    channel name on YouTube! We are officially www.YouTube.com/FunKing3d!

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Our Amazing Team

At this point, there are just 2 of us (plus The Fun King himself.)
We will likely not have additional people. But you just never know.



“The Dad”

The Fun King

“The Brains Of The Operation”


“The Son”

Glenn has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. (That is a mouthful.) He has spent the better part of his adult career in the computer industry and has covered many aspects of it. He has worked for large and small companies, as well as being self employed. He has a very DIY mentality in him and has built his own home, is very skilled in automotive repair, welds and will take on just about any project.

Xander has a Degree in completion of the 4th Grade and plans to continue his education for a long time. Most recently, he has confirmed his goal for attending the 5th Grade all the way to completion. He is very skilled in playing video games, eating all of the snacks in the the house and
acting like a teenager, even though he is only 10. He has great sporting abilities, however, he chooses not to use them. He is currently a Cub Scout (Webelo) and working towards being a Boy Scout. He has great skill in being a polite and courteous young man.

The Fun King was born in a McDonald’s in Orlando, FL. He was originated as a “mascot” for a budding T-Shirt company that survived for quite a few years. When the owner of the company (Glenn) decided the time being invested was not worth the profits being made, the company was sidelined and The Fun King was out of a job. Being he was just sitting around with nothing to do and no snacks to eat (because Xander ate them all,) he decided to help out with this new adventure.