Electronics: Teaching Xander To Solder With A Traffic Light Kit


Xander had never soldered before. We (well, I) decided it was time for him to learn. We used a kit. Overall, I think it went well. He needs more practice. (And more desire to learn. LOL!) Soldering is not a magical process (though it is pretty cool) and you should not be intimidated by it. With enough practice, you will find you can solder with ease. And like most skills, it will come in very handy, mainly at times you would have never thought about.

Some tips to note about safety:

  • Never touch the element of the soldering iron….HOT!
  • Hold wires to be heated with tweezers or clamps.
  • If you use one, keep the cleaning sponge wet during use.
  • Always return the soldering iron to its stand when not in use. Never put it down on the workbench.
  • Turn unit off and unplug when not in use. Unplugging is very important! Even if you use a station with a switch, it can accidentally get turned on.

Watch our video and let us know what you think!


If you would like the kit we used: Velleman Traffic Light MiniKit

If you need a soldering iron and would like a decent one that does not break the bank: Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station


But then, also pick up these tips. The one that comes with the above iron is a flat blade type: Weller ST7 ST Series Conical Solder Tip

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