Friday 3D Printing Community Hangout July 28 2017 – #F3DPCH


The Bi-Weekly 3D Printing Community Hangout featuring various personalities from the YouTube printing community.

This week we will be talking about File Management – Storing files and naming conventions for gcode files.


Chat Transcript:

Live chat

Bob​: who lost connecyion?

Toni Ryan: ​Speaking of more printers – I got nitificatio my M3D Pro shipped today – I will be doing an unboxing video

Joe Mike Terranella: ​@NLTMW It’s nice. good amount of room for all our crap. lol. Slowly getting things out of boxes still

How I Do It​: @Bob I think we’re all here

How I Do It​Nice: @Toni Ryan curious to see how that goes

Practical Printing: ​Greetings and Salutations!

The Happy Extruder: ​purge block bricks on mmkit

How I Do It​: Chris!

Toni Ryan​: @Zidim make it GIANT DUPLO BLOCKS!!!

How I Do It: ​get in here…

Practical Printing: ​Matt!

Repkord: ​@Practical Printing in the house!

Repkord​: How was the beach

Practical Printing: ​I would man, but out with the family tonight!

Bob​: good evening Chris

Repkord: ​How IS the beach

How I Do It: ​gotcha, aren’t we family

How I Do It​: ?

Practical Printing: ​Was nice, we’re down at a new shopping center across from the Beach for dinner and other crud

Practical Printing​: Hi Bob!

Practical Printing​: Repkord

Practical Printing​: And all else

Practical Printing​: Yeah, Matt we’re family…

The Happy Extruder: ​I just came back from theme parks and my honda printed key fob held up good 94 weather and rain

Practical Printing​: But have to keep the OTHER family happy sometimes too

Technology Nerd18: ​Hi

How I Do It: ​Just givin ya crap

How I Do It​: hi @Technology Nerd18

Practical Printing: ​I’m there in spirit

How I Do It​: we know

Practical Printing: ​Is the JMT sitting there all sullen and quiet?

How I Do It​: @Practical Printing we’re just glad he is not in the tub

Practical Printing: ​Yeah, I didn’t recognize him without the bubbles

Joe Mike Terranella: ​Texting the wife

Technology Nerd18​: How I Do It, want to come in my live stream tomorrow I’m building the ANET A8

John Mak: ​Lol

NLTMW​: @Joe Mike Terranella I moved into this house almost 3 years ago … still haven’t unpacked a LOT of boxes. lol

Joe Mike Terranella: ​I can go climb in the tub if that’s what the people want…

How I Do It: ​@Technology Nerd18 i can try but i am currently in the mountains camping so depends how connection is

How I Do It​: I’m currently sitting on a porch outside in the rain to get internet

The Happy Extruder: ​@Repkord I need that place compost formula I live in horse capital here in Florida

Bob​: been in Auburn a few times going down donner

Technology Nerd18: ​Ok sub and it will be at 1 pst to 8pst or 4est to 11 est

John Mak​: Need to top the bath tub, sit on the toilet and make some sounds

Repkord​: @The Happy Extruder When I perfect the recipe I will share

Joe Mike Terranella: ​…

The Happy Extruder: ​@Repkord great thanks

Toni Ryan​: The Proto-Pasta HTPLA is designed for low shrinkage during the annealing process – but regular PLA anneals just fine – just may shrink a bit

Repkord​: @The Happy Extruder The secret ingredient is a dash of Oregano

Bob​: lol sit in a recliner in your underware

Joe Mike Terranella: ​who says I’m not right now…

Toni Ryan​: Good info for annealing on the Proto-Pasta website

The Happy Extruder​: @Repkord oh ok

Toni Ryan​: I see you @Joe Mike Terranella

Bob​: lol woot

Repkord: ​@The Happy Extruder poor attempt at a joke ?

The Happy Extruder​: @Repkord my mom put it in everything even for belly aches you might be onto something lol

Practical Printing​: I believe abuzzdesigns did a nice video on testing different methods to aneal HTPLA

Bob​: they are 60% plastic

The Happy Extruder: ​JMT good luck with the roof and we will be here for those videos

John Mak​: It’s all down till from here, kids need to go to bed 21+ can stay

Bob​: who’s going to host now?

NLTMW​: Congrats @Joe Mike Terranella on reaching another milestone!

John Mak: ​I post the OctoPrint video from joe all the time, good overview

Nillabean​: Heyo!

How I Do It: ​@Bob possibly @NolanC 3DPrint Works

How I Do It: ​Nilla!

The Happy Extruder: ​Hey Nilla

Fun King 3D​: Hey Nilla!

Zidim​: Hi Nilla

Toni Ryan: ​Heyo @Nillabean !

Bob​: hey nilla

Joe Mike Terranella: ​Hey dick

NLTMW​: Delegate to your sublings!

Joe Mike Terranella: ​I do!

Practical Printing​: Hey Dick! How’s that head!

Joe Mike Terranella: ​It’s all the upper level paperwork and bull crap like that

Joe Mike Terranella​: Giant time suck

Bob​: congrats on becoming a boss, no wonder haven’t heard from you lo

Joe Mike Terranella: ​My wife just told me that I can’t do the stream from the Tub tonight because she thinks it makes me look ‘easy’

How I Do It: ​@Joe Mike Terranella

Bob​: joe

How I Do It: ​Me –

How I Do It​: @Zidim…

How I Do It​: @Repkord

How I Do It​: lol @Joe Mike Terranella

Joe Mike Terranella: ​Printrbot is the real deal

Practical Printing​: Wait- Joe Mike, I thought your WERE ‘easy’…..

Toni Ryan​: @Repkord and some kind of nozzle cleaning thing

Joe Mike Terranella​: Welp…. I guess it’s too late then Chris

Practical Printing​: blame it on the bubbles

Joe Mike Terranella​: They are enticing

NLTMW: ​@Joe Mike Terranella “look easy”? Aren’t you? lol

Toni Ryan​: Perfect for an update on the community outreach projects …

How I Do It: ​and @Joe Mike Terranella is out

How I Do It​: quick someone get the sharpie and draw on his forehead

Practical Printing​: you do it on your screen matt

The Happy Extruder: ​he heard u

Repkord: ​@Toni Ryan Yes… I did just release the new nozzle cleaning kit I’ve been working on… its on my Amazon store

Bob​: @matt nomore channels

How I Do It: ​@Practical Printing they took that out lol

3D Printing Nerd: ​FUN KING 3D!!!!!!

Practical Printing​: I can attest the @Repkord nozzle cleaning kit is awesome. saved my Di3 this afternoon

How I Do It​: @Fun King 3D –…

Bob​: goodnight glenn

Joe Mike Terranella: ​Sup, Nerd!

3D Printing Nerd​: Hey!

NLTMW​: Greetings Joel!

Repkord​: @Practical Printing oh stop it…

Toni Ryan: ​@Fun King 3D Xander needs to print an Iron Giant for his spaceship.

How I Do It​: Hey @3D Printing Nerd

Repkord​: @Practical Printing …shucks

Practical Printing: ​lol

The Happy Extruder: ​#highfivr joel

3D Printing Nerd: That’s an awesome rocket? If you don’t mind – can I gmaxsize it?

Practical Printing​: @3D Printing Nerd you need to max size his rocket for him!

The Happy Extruder: ​Great I finally seen it nice job man !

NLTMW​: Nice design/print Xander!

Nillabean​Nice job!

3D Printing Nerd​: That rocket is better than anything I’ve ever designed! Rad!

Practical Printing​: nice bridging!

Toni Ryan​: @3D Printing Nerd You BETTER!!!

Repkord: ​@3D Printing Nerd Lets get it on the GMAX!

How I Do It: ​i agree as well @3D Printing Nerd i think this is gmax worthy

Practical Printing: ​@3D Printing Nerd actually… doesn’t the Little Monster have a taller z than the gMax?

3D Printing Nerd​: @Practical Printing – yes, but, it’s not built yet ?

Practical Printing​: but.. but…

3D Printing Nerd​: hahah YOU STOP

3D Printing Nerd​: ?

John Mak​: High five

Toni Ryan​: Just added another sub …

NLTMW: ​I’m tearing up.

3D Printing Nerd​: Well, shoot, thanks for the kind words, but, maybe save them until I show you a sweet large rocket print ?

How I Do It​: awesome @3D Printing Nerd

3D Printing Nerd: ​HIGH FIVE!

The Happy Extruder​: @Repkord you set the bar LOL

Practical Printing: ​AWESOME

3D Printing Nerd​: Xander – I have a spare 3d printer, a Fabrikator Mini, want it?

How I Do It​: you mean #returnfive right @3D Printing Nerd

3D Printing Nerd​: ?

Bob​: ? guys

Repkord​: @The Happy Extruder Which bar? ?

3D Printing Nerd: ​Is that okay?

The Happy Extruder: ​school printers

John Mak: ​Sign it before you send it

3D Printing Nerd​: @John Mak ha! if that’s what Xander wants ?

John Mak​: Sign it in sparkly blue

Practical Printing​: @Fun King 3D it’s all up from 100!!!

Fun King 3D: ​…

The Happy Extruder​: speaking of Pooch

John Mak​: We want to look for it at antique road show in 50 years

Fun King 3D​: Xander is totally excited @3D Printing Nerd. He would love to have it signed.

Practical Printing​: OK Matt, that’s about as bad as the time I streamed in from the road.

NLTMW​: He’s safe in the woods .. it’s Shark Week.

Joe Mike Terranella: ​lol

Toni Ryan: ​Is @Joe Mike Terranella sniffing the dog?

The Happy Extruder​: 3d print .306

3D Printing Nerd​: @Fun King 3D – Xander, have your dad shoot me an email with your shipping address

Joe Mike Terranella​: My laptop and my ipad are about to shutdown from lack of battery

Bob​: Gnight joe

Joe Mike Terranella: ​night night

3D Printing Nerd​Goodnight!

The Happy Extruder​: night to all thanks for the stream

Practical Printing: ​night Joe, Night Matt

John Mak: ​I see it on Facebook

Toni Ryan​: @How I Do It go have a ‘smore

John Mak​: Nite

NLTMW: ​Travel safe Matt!

Bob​: Gnight matt

How I Do It​: Thanks everyone for joining

How I Do It​: @NLTMW i’ll try to miss the potholes

The Happy Extruder​: @3D Printing Nerd great gift for xander very nice of you.

Practical Printing​: @3D Printing Nerd that was stellar of you to do for Xander! Next meet up the Rum++ is on me!

Toni Ryan​: Night Joe

Fun King 3D​: Once again Joel, (@3D Printing Nerd ) You are amazing!

How I Do It: ​dont for getto hit the thumbs up for @Funk

How I Do It​: @Fun King 3D and

Joe Mike Terranella​: Night everyone

Technology Nerd18​: Guys Who’s back

NLTMW​: Xander will need to be re-calibrated now.

Nillabean: ​Yeah sorry everyone

The Happy Extruder: ​@Fun King 3D — Xander 3D Prints Channel -look out

Nillabean​: Been doing some charity work and between that, kids and life I’ve been pretty beat

Bob: ​lurking

Toni Ryan: ​Push everything behind the camera …

Bob​: green screen

Nillabean​: My basement is that way, every inch of space off screen is complete chaos

John Mak​: Spray yellow hi lights on all the edges, like Nilla Orange

NLTMW: ​I’m at the same point! Using video streaming to force myself to get things organized and cleaned up. Creative camera angles!

Practical Printing​: It’s all just a green screen maker space behind them.

Nillabean: ​lol

Nillabean​: its all lies.

Toni Ryan​: Still too tidy …

NLTMW: ​I debated hanging a greenscreen sheet behind me.

Toni Ryan: ​Subject for a future F3DPCH .. makers spaces organized turmoil or OCD???

Practical Printing: ​the only people people with perfect tools are the ones that don’t know how to use them

Zidim​: I like the idea @Toni Ryan

Practical Printing: ​Gotta get back to the family all. Great seeing everyone here. TGIF!!!

Bob​: Gnightchris

The Happy Extruder: ​my son brought home a 3D printed fidget spinner and it was all downhill from there

Repkord​: @Practical Printing yeah… or if you’re like me half of them are lost or left somewhere weird that I discover a yr later.

Toni Ryan​: @Fun King 3D If Xander if comfortable using Tinkercad – have him watch some of the tutorials for Fusion 360

The Happy Extruder: ​great response xander

Nillabean​: Well goodnight everyone, gotta get some sleep!

Toni Ryan​: BSA Troop 303

Zidim​: Night Dick!

Nillabean​: Great job Xander!

The Happy Extruder​: @Nillabean have a good one

Toni Ryan: n​ight @nilla!

Bob​: Yeah Gnight nilla

NLTMW​: Nite Nilla!

The Happy Extruder​: you should see my extra parts bin

NLTMW​: Drool … 4k sq ft!

Toni Ryan: ​DROOOOOL!!! 4000 sq feet!

Toni Ryan: ​sure a “difference” between hoarding and collecting – don’t get involved in model trains ….

NLTMW​: Small workshop = 3,000 sq ft?

The Happy Extruder​: drill out those hard boiled eggs LOL

Fun King 3D​: @Toni Ryan we are going to learn Fusion together

Toni Ryan​: @Fun King 3D very cool – It is some amazing software!

Toni Ryan​: Drill press in the kitchen – he makes a mean omlette!!!

The Happy Extruder: ​@Fun King 3D gonna hit the hay just got back from universal and I just wanted to say great stream good night everyone… always Happy Extruding

Zidim: ​I should try to core apples with it!

Fun King 3D: ​THanks Ron! Have a great night!

Toni Ryan​: @zidim eating corn on the cob more fun!

The Happy Extruder: ​Thank you

John Mak: ​Like 3d printing , while camping

Fun King 3D​: The Happy Extruder:…

Toni Ryan​: @zidim is there a webpage or pictures for the mobile maker space

John Mak​: Lol red green

Toni Ryan: ​The Handyman’s secret weapon …

Zidim​: Hello


Toni Ryan​: Richard is 484 from me according to Google maps

Toni Ryan​: miles

Zidim​: Thanks for view folks

Toni Ryan​: Goodnight guys! Nice meeting you @Fun King 3D @Repkord

Bob: ​nice meeting you Pooch

NLTMW: ​Nite Repkord!

NLTMW​: Nite Zidim!

How I Do It: ​hey i’m back

NLTMW​: Nite Fun King3D team!

John Mak​12:49am est

How I Do It: ​now in the camper

NLTMW​: Thanks all!

John Mak​: Nite

How I Do It: ​good night everyone

How I Do It​: thanks @Fun King 3D for hosting tonight

Bob: ​this is turning into a closed group

How I Do It: ​dont forget to hit the thumbs up

John Mak​: Oh jatmn just go live


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