Presenting The FK-1 Featuring: 400x1200x475mm Print Capacity All V-Slot Frame Construction Eliminates Smooth Rods and Linear Bearings All Printed Parts in IC3D Fun King 3D Yellow PETG (Listed on their site as “Yellow”) E3D V6 HotEnd  Bondtech Extruder Duet3D Ethernet Mainboard Auto Bed Level Correction using Antclabs BLTouch (Not currently shown in the rendered images.) 6mm (1/4”) Mic-6 Cast Aluminium Bed Trailer:   Design: 400-500 hours invested (possibly more.) Outside influence was avioded to try and make it 100% my own. (Not saying there is not anything similar out there, just that I did not seek out other’s designs.) Concept was designed around parts that are easy toRead More →