This is a video series that was made step by step as we assembled our Original Prusa Research i3 Mk2s 3D Printer. Each step in the assembly process has been individually recorded. If we ran into problems, those problems and the solutions are shown in the videos. These are real time and nothing has been omitted. This way you can work through building yours at the same time if you choose to. (Click the “Read More” for the videos.)Read More →

In this series, well series of one anyway, we assembled our Anet A8. This video is 7 1/2 hours straight. We did clip a little here and there, but the full build is here and solutions to any problems we ran into are included in the video. There will be a progress report on this unit after it has accomplished 100+ hours of printing! Link to buy the Anet A8: (*This is an affiliate link that helps the channel.)Read More →